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At Anytime Fitness, we are more then just a gym! We are a support system to help you achieve your goals as efficient as possible!

Our Team Workouts are for all levels of fitness, whether you are a beginner or an expert we have a solution for your goals! On top of that, working out with friends is always better, so bring a buddy or come make new ones!!

Its time for you to experience the support you deserve! Try our Complimentary Team Workout Session today!!

Check out our member stories and reviews at the bottom of the page!

Our 3 Team Workout Options


We'll establish proper movements and a base level of conditioning to ensure you avoid injury and make progress at your pace.


A high-energy session that uses cardio and weights to help burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.


Get stronger, slimmer and more athletic. Our trainers will help you focus on form and increased strength without the bulk.

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AF Training April schedule

Check out our AF Training Results!!!

6 week Jumpstart!!! (18)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (17)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (16)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (11)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (15)
AF training results
6 week Jumpstart!!! (13)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (12)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (9)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (8)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (4)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (7)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (5)
6 week jumpstart 2
6 week Jumpstart!!! (3)
6 week Jumpstart!!! (2)
Down 21.4 lbs. & 66% body fat in only 6 weeks!!! (6)
6 week jumpstart
6 week Bumgartners
Down 21.4 lbs. & 66% body fat in only 6 weeks!!! (5)

Fantastic things our members are saying about our AF Training Fit Fam!!


Daphne L. Reckers-Simon

"What an amazing support system Anytime Fitness has!!!! I am so very grateful for the assistance and encouragement the entire crew has shown me so far in this journey!!! I also would like to thank all of my AF friends for making the classes super fun!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" 💜 🏋️‍♀️💜

will logsdon

Will Logsdon

"I have been a member of several gyms around the area, but it wasn’t till I walked into Anytime Fitness that I truly felt at home. From the first day meeting with Ben, to my first class with Reed they had my best interest at heart and gave me the plans to meet my goals. There hasn’t been a time where I haven’t felt welcomed or wanted there by the staff or the members of AF. Reed and his staff not only built a gym, they created a family! That’s what I choose Anytime Fitness."


Brittany Hitt

"Austin has been such a huge help during class workouts. He's very knowledgeable about each exercise and is always so willing to help anyone. Ben is always a pleasure to speak to. He's been there to help with any issues I've encountered with my app or to answer any questions with my meal plans. Reed will drop whatever he's doing to assist with anything I've needed. His praise and encouragement of my health journey has been much needed and keeps me going!"


Theresa McGartland

"They are absolutely great here! Not only walking people to their cars when needed, also Kyle has salted areas needed for those of us with some mobility issues. Also huge thank you to my trainer Kyle, who pushes me when I need to be pushed but is also very careful to keep me safe since I have some balance issues. I have a great time and make progress all at once in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. What else could you ask for?"

john w

John Wittler

"I’ve been a member at gyms before. This gym takes the time to listen to your concerns and gives you a plan. I absolutely love Anytime Fitness if you are thinking about giving it a try let me be first to tell you don’t wait no longer. The staff is A+ rated. They are just waiting for you to jump. They will catch you and help you on you journey. I want to also let everyone know that this is the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to. Cleanest is very important these days. They are top notch."

amy v

Amy Vickers

"I started team classes here a week ago and am addicted already. And to think I was so nervous going my first day but Reed and the staff as well as other members have already made me feel like I belong. Loving my new lifestyle!!"

Anne has an amazing "off scale" victory today! When she started with us at Anytime Fitness Quincy, stepping up and down without assistance was a no for Anne. Now here she is with coach Austin cheering her on as she clears all of the plyo boxes by herself!! Fantastic job Anne! You continue to impress us!!!!

Anne Cottrell Scott

"Thank you everyone! This is a big deal to me! I have been going almost two years. I could hardly walk with swollen feet when I started. Best day ever!"❤️❤️❤️
6 week Jumpstart!!! (15)

John Lamoureux -July Member of the Month

Why did you decide to join AF?

I went through severe depression and went from bed to couch for close to two years, So the first step was for me to get my head sorted out with outpatient mental health and ongoing counselor. The next step was to start my health journey, To start everything fresh, I decided to move in with my sister and brother -in-law here in Quincy and enlist their help. They were the ones that referred me to AF and the six-week challenge, I am so glad I did it.

What do you like best about AF?

I truly appreciate what all the employees (Kyle, Ben, & Miki) have done for me. They truly saved my life. I also appreciate all the fellow client’s that encouraged me, gave me some pointers, shared their health journey, or just smiled and said hi. The community atmosphere all worked for me and makes this place so inviting to workout.

What is your favorite exercise?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite as they all suck but I really love how exhausted I feel after a group or one-on-one workout. Before I was in pain just laying around but now, I have pain that I earned from a hard workout, which I totally love.

What or Who helps you stay motivated and accountable?

There were so many important people and things that helped with this. The weekly weigh in with the AF team really held me accountable. I also have a huge support system at home, living with my sister and brother-in-law, as well as through Facebook. I’m so lucky for all the love and kind thoughts I get daily.

What progress have I seen so far?

I have seen so much progress such as weight loss, feeling better, and not in as much pain. On the board at AF there is a saying, “count the small victories”. I have been doing just that with so many small victories that have occurred such as clothes fit better, I am down from 6X to 4X shirt, my pants are falling down, I am able to do stairs, and I am walking stronger and longer. The most important win for me personally was when I started AF, I couldn’t stand to do one exercise during the group class. The other day I stood for all 32 of them!!

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Got three things:

  1. Everyday take one step further. So, if you can only walk 10 steps so what, tomorrow walk 11, so on so on. Next thing you know you just walked a mile.
  2. If you can’t move around easily or struggle to walk, then I recommend hitting the pool as well as work in small groups at AF. This is what I did, and it really helped. The pool got me moving more as well as helped to loosen my muscles so I could push it in class.
  3. After you have a few weeks under your belt an exercise that you have done before might start feeling easy, then make it harder to keep pushing yourself.

To where would you most likely travel and why?

I always wanted to visit each state before I die by eating, sleeping, or doing something, just not driving through each state. I’m about half done. This was a goal of mine since I was a teenager.

Final Thoughts

The Quincy AF was so great to me, and I am so thankful for everything. This is a great place with amazing people! I’m extremely sad to leave, however, my home is in suburbs of Chicago. I have found another AF which I will check out when I get home but they have giant shoes to fill after being in the Quincy, IL location. The employees and fellow workout partners here in Quincy raise the bar so high in my book and are exactly what a gym should be. Lastly, if anyone lacks a good support system, please reach out to me on FB at any time. Everyone needs help on succeeding on a healthier lifestyle and I would love to give back what I have been given!